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Frack Baby Frack

David Cameron’s new Conservative government is highly motivated to tap the country’s sizable shale reserves. The timing couldn’t be better.

Intergenerational War

Moody’s downgraded Puerto Rico a week after it downgraded Chicago. Illinois, take note: protecting underfunded pension plans means the axe will fall elsewhere.

ACA Fail Fractal
The Green/Brown Divide

Energy executives squared off at a Paris meeting this week, and the coal executive may have made the best point.

Land of the Rising Gun

According to the Japanese Prime Minister, under the newly reinterpreted constitution Japan won’t be obligated to join America’s global conflicts. But in his remarks, he made a point of leaving room for Japan to choose to fight by America’s side.

A Correction

The images of a missile being launched off a submarine turn out to be doctored, according to Pentagon sources.

The Politics of Genocide
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A Bloody Century
The Armenian genocide is not the only mass slaughter of the 20th century to go unfairly unrecognized. It is past time to acknowledge these genocides as such.
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Class in America
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