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NATO Defense

Latvia and Lithuania, NATO members, are worried about a Russian invasion. That’s why these two Baltic states are boosting their defense spending.

Follow the Money

The developed world hasn’t followed through on a Copenhagen climate fund promise, and that could sink this December’s talks.

Job Openings

If you think you have what it takes, or if you know somebody who does, here’s how to apply.

ACA Fail Fractal

The so-called “health care slowdown” has long been one of the key talking points for Affordable Care Act supporters. But the slowdown has now sped back up.

Asia's Game of Thrones

Over a hundred Chinese ships took part in the exercises, which saw missiles flying over the hotly disputed waters.

The Endgame in Syria
The Islamic State’s Christian and Yizidi Sex Slaves
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Life in the Caliphate
Women, children, even toddlers—the Islamic State’s goal is to sell them on an open market to men of all means, especially the young jihadis on whom the caliphate depends.
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The Iran Deal
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Higher Education Watch
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