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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
The Great Inequality Debate
Repetition Repetition
Weighing the ACA

The ACA left intact many of the root dysfunctions driving our health care problems.

Crude Economics

Africa’s oil prospects look a lot dimmer today than they did when crude was trading above $110 per barrel.

the future of free speech

Millennials are far more supportive of government censorship of offensive views than previous generations. PC is a real issue.

The European Migration Crisis

Turkey is the EU’s great hope as Brussels scrambles frantically for a solution to the migrant crisis.

immigration nation

It seems likely that the “Great Wave” of Mexican immigration to the United States, which has carried more than 16 million Mexican immigrants across the border since 1965, is coming to a close.

Gas Glut

China won’t be snatching up U.S. LNG anytime soon. It’s a decidedly bad time to be in the business of selling hydrocarbons.

When Deterrence Fails
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Ancient Wisdom
Deterrence isn’t a sure thing even in the best of circumstances—and for the West these are not the best of circumstances.
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Rise of Corbyn
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The Beautiful Game
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The Sinews of Peace
by Eliot A. Cohen
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