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Via Meadia
Walter Russell Mead & Staff
The Future War on Terror

In the battle for Mosul, the U.S. is betting on a burden-sharing strategy that could have profound consequences for future counter-terrorism.

creative destruction

Competitive markets, when they function properly, don’t just hammer the little guy.

Cool Green Tech

Scientists discovered a new way to convert carbon dioxide into usable fuel.

Asia's Game of Thrones

China hints at a bargain with the Philippines on the South China Sea, while Vietnam stands up for U.S. intervention.


Bulgaria and Greece are building a pipeline to help Europe reduce its dependency on Russian gas.

marketplace of ideas

Pew surveys attitudes toward free expression in America and around the world.

Crying Uncle
Putin & Modi

The BRICS allies are expanding cooperation, but the relationship remains a transactional one.

Energy and Strategy

Changing driving habits could lead the world to peak oil demand sooner than you might think.

Blue Model Blues

America’s ballooning public pension crisis may be worse than we think.

Asia's Game of Thrones

The Philippine president’s trip to China has both Washington and Beijing playing a guessing game.

The High Stakes of Ukraine’s Energy Reforms
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Ukraine and the West
Energy reform in Ukraine is crucial to its political stability and economic prosperity. If it is to succeed, the United States and other backers will have to do much more to help.
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The Middle East
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Hillary vs. Donald
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The Sinews of Peace
by Eliot A. Cohen
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The AI Podcast
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A User’s Guide to Free Speech
A User’s Guide to Free Speech
A User’s Guide to Free Speech
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