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Via Meadia
Walter Russell Mead & Staff

Warsaw doesn’t plan on signing another long-term contract with Gazprom once its current deal ends in 2022.

Latin Lefty Meltdown

Venezuela’s generals are getting uncomfortable with President Nicolás Maduro. It’s difficult to imagine how this ends well.

Putin's Personal Safety
Unsettled Science

A new study has a new explanation for why climate models keep getting it wrong in Antarctica.

Holy War Watch

Tehran withdraws from participation in this year’s pilgrimage to Mecca, furthering fears of sectarian split.

Demographics and 2016
Photo of the Day

Russian media unwittingly blows up a misreported story about Putin being the first to sit in a throne heretofore reserved for Byzantine emperors.

A Green Dream

It could take another two years for enough countries to ratify the Paris deal for it to go into effect.

Strategic Diplomacy

South Korea is taking the fight against North Korea’s nuclear program directly to the rogue regime’s business partners.

Battening Down the Hatches

The ongoing persecution is not in China’s national interest; if anything, it may make Christians stronger.

Hail Shale

Cheap oil means cheap gasoline, and American drivers are expected to take full advantage this holiday weekend.

Playing with Fire
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After Austria
Austria’s presidential elections last week should be a wake-up call to centrist European parties. Did they get the message?
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Tax Evasion Nation
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The Fruits of Peace
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The Sinews of Peace
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