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The NYT lets its readers know that things aren’t going so well in the Middle East, without mentioning Obama by name once.

Poland and Spain

Euroskeptics and Eurocritics have made significant, if still only symbolic, gains in Poland and Spain over the weekend.

Middle East Mess

The Saudis are getting serious about funding the rebels. Could this be a gamechanger?

Shorting Out

President Obama’s lofty electric vehicles goals have been swatted down hard by reality.

Harder Better Faster Stronger

Canada’s oil sands industry has to cut costs to survive today’s bearish crude market. Is it up to the challenge?

Bird flu has killed millions of chickens and turkeys, leading to “completely unprecedented” price jumps, threatened supply chains for big restaurants, and possibly even will put some suppliers out of business.

Obama, Anti-Semitism and Iran
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Understanding Diversity
Are anti-Semites ultimately rational actors who happen to hold despicable views? Or does their prejudice warp their perception of the world so fundamentally that they calculate risks and rewards differently from most Western elites?
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Requiem for a Policy
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A Bloody Century
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