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Europe's Immigration Crisis

Prepares to close borders with Italy and Hungary, restricts refugee rules.

Xi's China

Authoritarians have picked up a thing or two from the very civil society organizations they are seeking to repress: they are learning to share “best practices” among themselves.

Middle East Mess
The North American Energy Boom

Companies are busy building out pipeline infrastructure to send America’s glut of shale gas southward to Mexico.

Land of the Rising Sun

Immigration may or may not be a good idea, but it is simplistic and foolish to dismiss Japan’s remarkable ability to modernize and simultaneously retain a distilled identity.

The Fracas in Caracas

Government employees told to only show up Monday and Tuesday.

Crude Economics

Crude prices are on the rise, and many oil firms think they can start spending again once the market hits $50 per barrel.

Education Reform

America’s K-12 system is not getting any better at giving students basic math and reading skills.

Peaceful Rise

A military modernizing for global dominance, a dictator consolidating his power, an unstable economy, and an America tired of being the world’s policeman. These are not the ingredients for a new era of world peace.

Asia's Game of Thrones

China’s island building has changed the rules of the regional game.

sex and society

Since the 1990s, thanks to the Internet and social liberalism, the anti-porn forces have mostly been sidelined. Or have they?

The Invisible Arms Race
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We’ve finally admitted that the space race is on. Time for bold steps to compete.
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Battle for Ukraine
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Religion & Other Curiosities
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Russia and the West
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Norman Mac?
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Asia's Game of Thrones
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