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Via Meadia
Walter Russell Mead & Staff
The Fruits of Fracking

…and unfortunately for the UK, it’s not about Britain exploring its own sizable reserves of shale gas.


The bombastic president walked back comments from last week about the U.S. military presence in the Philippines.

Reform Minded

Only if it makes some difficult, unpopular market reforms.

Pension Meltdown

Oregon’s pension board head weeps in public as the growing budgetary burden threatens to crush schools across the state. This can’t end well.

Blue Civil War

The battle over the future of the Affordable Care Act will not be over for quite some time.

Much Ado About Nothing

Ban Ki-Moon thinks the Paris agreement will be finalized by the end of the year, but will it matter?

America Today
Our Blue Model Immigration Bureaucracies
Duterte Harry

The Philippine President’s recurring outbursts complicate U.S. Asia strategy.

Crime and Punishment

What the 19th-century philosopher would suggest on criminal justice reform.

Who is Playing Whom?
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Russian Influence
A Bosnian referendum shows Russia’s influence in the Balkans—as well as its limits.
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Russia Diary
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Bibi's Realpolitik
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Russia & the West
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Religion and Modernity
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The Sinews of Peace
by Eliot A. Cohen
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The AI Podcast
With Richard Aldous
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