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The New National Military Strategy

A former ”Racist of the Year” is now serving as speaker of Denmark’s parliament. This is what happens when you don’t enact sensible immigration policy.

Pricing Emissions

China’s seven pilot carbon markets are defying green hopes and struggling to get off the ground.

Game of Thrones

The naval drills will be a strong (and provocative) sign to Beijing, which must be watching the coalitions of opponents warily.

Smart Diplomacy

President Obama hosted Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff at the White House yesterday, but the way for the U.S. to improve relations with Brazil isn’t to make empty comments at a substance-free summits.

Commanding Heights

As China tries to steer its economy to a new system based on domestic demand, the challenges ahead will add to the pressure to consolidate power and control.

Grexit May Be Europe’s Teaching Moment
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On Europe & Security
The unfolding Greek tragedy is about more than economics. It’s also about the EU’s democracy deficit.
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The Green Pope
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Iran's Intentions
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The Authoritarian Temptation
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Humanizing the Hermit Kingdom
Humanizing the Hermit Kingdom
Humanizing the Hermit Kingdom
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