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Walter Russell Mead
Editor-at-large, The American Interest Online.
Election 2016
Live-Blogging the Presidential Debate

Watching tonight? We are too.

Obama's Syria Policy
Kerry Accepts the Unacceptable

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, let’s strengthen our partnership. That’s the spirit of the Obama Administration’s policy of dealing with Russia in Syria.

Bibi's Realpolitik
The Real Middle East Story

Precisely because he has a colder view of international affairs than Obama, Netanyahu’s leadership has made Israel stronger than ever.

The Explosive India–Pakistan Situation

Tick tick tick.

Death of Driving
The Revolution Is Coming

If autonomous cars fulfill even part of their promise, they will transform human life more than any invention since the personal computer.

The Syria Deal
Barack Obama, Putin’s Patsy

Turning Obama’s hunger for negotiated deals into a ritual theater of serial humiliation is exactly what Putin wants.

Europe Post-Brexit
The Real Importance of the EU Defense Discussion

A European army would shift the balance of power in the block towards France and away from Germany. It would also complicate transatlantic cooperation—one of the main reasons many Americans were urging Britain to remain in the EU.

Blue Model Blues
Desperate Pension Funds Mull Buyouts

Buyouts will almost certainly be part of the ultimate solution to America’s pension crisis, but they are far from some kind of silver bullet.

The Libyan Afterparty Continues
Our Press Falls Down on the Job Again

No one needs Bush-era press inquisitions to make a return. But some more questioning by the media as to why Libya has turned out to be such a colossal disaster would be welcome.

The Long Game
Why Pakistan Sticks to Its Guns

Communal tensions in India suggest to the military and intelligence elites in Islamabad that the rising power of Islam will eventually lead to the undoing of India.

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Let's Talk Again

If at first you don’t succeed…

Above Freezing

OPEC comes out of meeting talking a good game about cutting production this November. More hot air from desperate petrostates?

Important Infrastructure

New York’s planners seem not to understand much about how people actually use train stations in 2016.

creative destruction

The ruthless logic of algorithmic efficiency threatens Wall Street business models.

Pivot in Trouble

The next joint military exercise will be the last.

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