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Walter Russell Mead
Editor-at-large, The American Interest Online.
Global Disorder
North Korea’s Missile Launch Shows Significant Progress

This “progress” is a testament to just how far the world has drifted away from the path of security and peace.

Blue Model Continues to go the Way of the Passenger Pigeon

The modern economy’s disruptive nature is beyond doubt. But change is inevitable, and we should embrace it rather than trying to fight it.

When The Village Fails the Child
Getting to the “Party of the Future”

The latest victory for teachers unions in California underlines how both parties are massively failing America’s urban poor.

America and its Allies
Ankara and Tehran vs. the Kurds?

As U.S. influence in the region wanes, Turkey and Iran may find enough common ground to beat up on the Kurds.

Outer Limits
Central Bankers Break a Sweat

With interest rates at an all-time low, central bankers are trying to come up with policies for counteracting the next downturn. Is that even possible any more?

Blue Digs in
The War on Charters Escalates

Pushback against the spread of charter schools is one of the Left’s most important goals.

Sea Change
Manafort, Villain-Maker

Trump’s advisor has managed to make Russia the Evil Empire again.

At A Crossroads
Three Choices for Puerto Rico

A slowly-moving crisis is renewing nationalist calls for independence. There are merits to these demands, but all options should be carefully explored first.

Unpleasant Truths
The Folly of Faith-Based Foreign Policy

American ideas about impending democratic transitions across the Middle East are almost always delusional fantasies, whether embraced by overconfident neocons in the Age of Bush or by overconfident liberal internationalists in the Age of Obama.

Memo to Trumpkins
The Mexican Labor Market Tightens

People focused on Mexico as the great source of future immigration to the U.S. are spectacularly missing the point.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
campus speech wars

Universities ought to be the most dangerous spaces a young mind ever visits.

Shake Rattle and Oil

The government agency echoed concerns over a pressing—but not fatal—flaw of the American shale boom.

Fuzzy Math

Fresh on the heels of the VW emissions scandal, a French carmaker is coming under increased scrutiny.

Global Disorder

This “progress” is a testament to just how far the world has drifted away from the path of security and peace.

After Manufacturing

One of the most important industries for economic development is getting taken over by robots.

Malthus on the Nile

The endemic corruption in Egypt’s food ministry would make the Bourbons blush.

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