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Walter Russell Mead
Editor-at-large, The American Interest Online.
Turks “Hate” and “Are Disgusted” by Syrian Refugees

Yet more proof that the only way to assure good treatment for refugees is to do everything to prevent their displacement in the first place.

The Path to Mt. Rushmore?
Trump’s Third Ring of Suburbs

An earlier essay looked at how a policy of boosting domestic energy production could help Donald Trump turn his presidency into a landmark in American political history. This essay looks at an even larger opportunity: revamping the American Dream for millennials and beyond.

Trump’s Foreign Policy
What the Taiwan Call Means

The most important lesson, for both foreign leaders and domestic foreign policy analysts, is that the Obama era in American foreign policy has come to an end.

Burma's Rohingyas
Human Rights Activists Lose Faith in Burma’s Leader

Outrage at Myanmar’s leader for her inaction on the Rohingya demonstrates the continuing failure of human rights activists to understand the world or develop wise strategies for dealing with it.

The Trump Way
Trump Rediscovers an Old Form of Governance

The Carrier deal demonstrates the sort of political savvy progressive technocrats fail to appreciate.

The Chinese Slowdown
The Smart Money Wants out of China

Beijing’s crackdown on capital flight is another sign that China’s meteoric growth could be drawing to an end.

The Wages of willkommenskultur
Merkel’s Migrant Rethink

Well-intentioned liberals and refugee advocates are learning a hard lesson: the only way to deal with refugee crisis is to have a foreign policy that seeks to prevent them in the first place.

Cyber Insecurity
The Crimes of the Future Are Already Here

A ransomware attack on San Francisco’s light rail system is a wake-up call about our vulnerabilities to cyber threats.

Brazil In Trouble
No Happy Ending for Brazil

The country is like a teenager in a growth spurt trying to squeeze into last year’s clothes.

Seoul Scandal
South Korea’s Crisis Deepens

Public trust in South Korea’s President is cratering just as the country faces a series of intertwined crises.

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Pipeline Politics

Less crude traveling by pipeline just means more crude traveling by rail. That’s a danger to public health.

Blue Model Blues

The looming fiscal disaster is worthy of attention from the new Republican government in Washington.


So much for that “green” energy source.

Andrew Jackson Lives

Trump’s view on the subject helped him get elected.

After the deal

The cartel is only making the task ahead more difficult.

Back To The Burbs

Most people don’t actually want that hipster millennial lifestyle after all.

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