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Walter Russell Mead
Editor-at-large, The American Interest Online.
After Obama
The World is at War and the Peace Has Been Lost

Pope Francis hits the nail right on the head.

Russia and the (Scoop) Jackson Democrats

Could it be that Putin’s threat to liberty and decency is bringing Americans together?

Trouble in Havana
The Real Reason for Obama’s Cuba Breakthrough

The whole point of the Castro brothers’ opening was to avoid change.

Supply & Demand
Even in Russia, Capitalism Sometimes Works

A depressed ruble and floods in France have conspired to propel Russia into a wheat-exporting leader.

Erdogan's Endgame
The Purge: Coup Year

Erdogan is removing thousands of soldiers and judges from their posts. There are effectively no bounds on the Turkish president’s power.

Military Dominance
F-35 Living Up to the Hype?

Combat exercises and air shows are wowing audiences. Maybe the fighter wasn’t such a boondoggle after all?

Turkish Coup Live Blog [CLOSED]

From Friday evening into early Saturday morning, WRM and staff shared their thoughts and provided context as news was breaking.

Brexit and Beyond
Obama Bluffs Again

The President’s threat to put the UK “at the back of the queue” for future trade deals rings hollow. Are red lines red anymore?

China Up China Down
Growth Report Shows Xi Flinching on Reform

So far, every time a clear choice has come between suffering the pain of reform and flinching, Beijing has flinched.

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Trump Pulls Even in Race to the Bottom

The 2016 election is shaping up as a truly toxic mix of identity politics, negative campaigning and polarization for profit.

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Still Boondogglin'

The largest U.S. refinery said that it could pay $750 million this year to comply with zany biofuel quotas.

Post Coup

Yes, you read that right: writing about the consequences of the coup in Turkey gets your license revoked.

red dawn flickers

The fiscal picture in Kansas continues to darken as the state reels from Governor Sam Brownback’s budget-busting tax cuts.

U.S. Strategy Adrift

A strong ruling from the Hague should have given lots of interested parties cover to band together and push back against Beijing. But it isn’t working out like that.

Higher Education Watch

Full-time college students spend less time studying than they did in high school.

Democracy in South Africa

If the pro-business opposition is successful in prying major cities away from the ANC, these elections could go down in history as the beginnings of genuine multiparty democracy in South Africa.

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