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Peter Berger
Religion & Other Curiosities
Religion and Modernity
The Canonization of Mother Teresa

For most religious people today modernity and religion relate to each other not as either/or but as both/and.

Religion & Other Curiosities
Can Atheists Be Good People?

Yes. Understanding why this is true sheds light on one important formula of peace in a pluralist society.

American Religion
Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images
Holy Communion and Church Picnics

Informal sociability across class lines is very difficult.

New World Disorder
Erupting Nationalisms

If people define a nation as real, it is real in its consequences.

Order and Progress
Olympic Games—Sacred and Profane

Are the Olympic Games a kind of international quasi-religion?

The Next President
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Is Religious Freedom in the National Interest?

One would think so if one looks at its place in official Washington.

Eternal Polygamy and Lifetime Employment

When heaven isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Priests vs. Prophets
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Of Catholics and Charisms

You can only contain charisma for so long, but it’s very quickly routinized.

Bartholomew’s Picnic

Eastern Christian Orthodoxy deserves better than to be used a prop by Putin’s regime.

Abdullah Zaheeruddin/Getty Images
Yazidis, Hell, and its Abolition

The Yazidi version of Satan relates in a curious way to a serious Christian tradition about hell and its abolition.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Higher Education Watch

Militant anti-Israel ideology is a hallmark of the illiberal Left—and has been taking college campuses by storm in recent years.

WRM Elsewhere

Read our own Walter Russell Mead in Mosaic, where he argues that neither “nationalist particularism” nor “cosmopolitan universalism” is “the answer to the human condition.”

Frack Baby Frack

Natural gas is booming in the Appalachian basin.

Jihadism in Africa

Here’s the thing about terrorists in Mali: we’ll hear nothing about them and nothing about them and then suddenly everything will be about them.

Crude Economics

As the House of Saud cuts spending, the country’s middle class is hurting.

India Ascendant?

In the face of new and expected threats from China and Pakistan, India needs improved capabilities.

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