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Peter Berger
Religion & Other Curiosities
Religion and Modernity
Urbanity as a Vortex of Pluralism

The following text is based on a longer paper written for a conference on “The City and Religion” at the University of Darmstadt, Germany, January 2016.

The Colonials Strike Back
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African Bishops Against Sexual Liberation

Will the Archbishop of Uganda excommunicate the Archbishop of Canterbury by 2019?

Interfaith Relations
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Under the Long Shadow of the Holocaust

Interfaith dialogue takes two important steps forward.

Religion & Other Curiosities
The Long Road to Harvard

Evangelicals have come of age.

Religion & Other Curiosities
News from Blue Massachusetts

Two examples from deep blue Massachusetts, which both feature intrusions into the private sphere by various institutions, demonstrate why we should be cautious about taking strong positions in these cases.

Religious Pluralism
Judeo-Christian or Abrahamic?

The ever-expanding boundaries of religious pluralism in America.

Church and State
Hugo Grotius
The Texas State Bar and the Ambiguities of Secularity

People often confuse ‘secularity’ and ‘secularism’. A case in point.

Interfaith Dialogue
Rethinking the Reformation

Religious pluralism compels individuals, on whatever level of intellectual sophistication, to differentiate between the core of their own faith and its more negotiable elements.

after paris
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Where are the Muslim Voices Against Islamist Terror?

There are many, hiding in plain sight.

after paris
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The Costs of Imperial Power

So often does imperial power lead to the loss of young soldiers dying far from home.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
The Syrian Civil War

Repercussions of Syria are reaching Europe—and Putin knows it.

the governance crisis

The systematic neglect of the basic and necessary services of national life in the pursuit of visionary goals is turning out to be one of the most costly ways the Boomers let the U.S. down.

housing matters

Getting housing policy right is one of the most important things a country can do for itself—and getting it right means making it work for young people.

the first branch

Until Congress gets its act together, the American system will continue to underperform.

Blue Model Death Watch

Could Australia’s experiments in privatization be a model for the United States?

The Secret War

Spending cuts threaten intelligence capabilities—especially in IT.

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