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Peter Berger
Religion & Other Curiosities
Religion in the USA
The Popemobile Comes to America

How much does it matter if the Pope pushes a quasi-Marxist ideology? Probably quite a lot.

Collective Mania and Politics
St. Vitus’ Dance and the Rational Actor

Institutions, which are typically based on rational assumptions, are dams holding at bay the howling frenzies lurking in human souls. All institutions are fragile. Sometimes the dams break.

the migrant crisis
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Compassion and Interests

A moral vision is important, but it helps greatly if you can appeal to hard interests as well as to conscience.

Religion in America
Church Picnics and the Communion of Saints

It is unrealistic to force people who have nothing in common in this world to enjoy relaxed sociability, and yet that has become the norm among American religious communities.

Objective and Subjective History
Editing the Past

ISIS is destroying Palmyra in order to murder history, in a manner of speaking. The past is not all that unchangeable—whether by eliminating its physical remains or by rewriting the “narrative.”

Religion & Other Curiosities
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Why Not Polyamory?

In a society that is both pluralist and democratic different beliefs and values will have to co-exist. Does this mean that polyamorous arrangements should be sanctioned by the state?

Life in the Caliphate
Images of Rage and of Mercy

ISIS has become a widespread image of pure evil. Yet the global Muslim community can counter the jihadists with ideas—chief among them, perhaps, the centrality of mercy.

...and other curiosities
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Snow White and the Seventeen Dwarfs

Some offhand observations on the increasingly surreal state of American politics.

China's Rise
Dreams of Empire

Chinese President Xi has found in Confucianism (as he understands it) an ideology useful to the construction of a Chinese model of modernity—which is intended to contribute to the task of empire-building.

Islam and Democracy
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Is Turkey the Key?

Despite recent authoritarian backsliding, could Turkey supply the prototype for a successful synthesis of Islam and democracy?

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
The Battle for Ukraine

If some reports of Friday’s meeting are to be believed, Russia is getting what it wants in Ukraine, freeing Moscow to focus on Syria.

Corruption and Incompetence

International organizations often get away with a lot more corruption than their national counterparts.

Limping to Paris

Negotiators finally pared down a bloated draft climate treaty text…to 20 pages of equivocation.

burning bridges

Spain’s capital city is cutting ties with credit rating agencies. This is all very well so long as Madrid doesn’t want anybody to lend it money ever again.

Putin Pushing Buttons

Russia’s aggressive attitude toward its involvement in Syria creates a problem with Turkey—deliberately?

Free Trade

Even a flawed trade agreement that helps workers in countries like Vietnam deserves the support of people who seriously care about the global poor.

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