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Taiwan Cries for Help in Game of Thrones

By 2020 China will be capable of invading Taiwan regardless of any foreign interference, according to an alarming report by Taiwan’s defense ministry. This marks the first time such a report has been commissioned, suggesting that Taiwan, which relies on the US for much of its defense, is feeling pressure from its cross-strait rival. The WSJ reports:

In the national defense report released on Tuesday, the ministry said China continues to enhance its strike capability against Taiwan, which includes beefing up its ability to land on the island and deploy antiaircraft missiles in the Taiwan Strait. […]

Wang Kun-yi, adjunct professor at Taiwan’s Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies, said he believed Taiwan is trying to get Washington’s attention with this report, highlighting the urgency of the situation and the skewed military capability between China and Taiwan. The U.S. is the only provider of weapons to Taiwan.

Territorial disputes in the China seas appear more volatile than ever, with renewed and stronger alliances between Pacific powers popping up in rapid succession. While the Taiwan-China dispute hasn’t received as much attention as the conflicts over the Spratlys or the Senkakus recently, the China-Taiwan dispute is in many ways the largest and most dangerous conflict of all, given the strong possibility of the US coming to Taiwan’s defense.

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  • Corlyss

    Well, as long as Democrats are running the show, they better not look to the US for help.

  • Andrew Allison

    This smells like an attempt to secure additional weaponry and support. If China were to launch a sortie against Taiwan it would be repulsed, and an all-out attack would win the battle but lose the war as the rest of the region responded.

  • lukelea

    I suppose we could supply Taiwan with nuclear weapons, but short of that I can’t imagine there is much the West can do militarily to help Taiwan defend itself against a Chinese takeover, if that is what China’s communist party leadership decides (for whatever reason) that it wants to do. We should make it clear that China would no longer have most favored nation status as a member of the WTO however if she ceases to abide by the norms of civilized behavior. But for that we would need a Parliament of Nations.

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