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Here's How You Telework:


The benefits of telework are manifest: employers attract better workers and save money on office real estate, while employees get more flexible schedules and the ability to cut out the odious daily commute. The practice is catching on, with nearly one in ten Americans and one in five of the world’s workers working from home at least once a week. But while the logic and numbers are clear, many firms might be stuck in their ways, unsure over how they ought to roll out this new way of working and unable to overcome the inertia of the status quo.

Thankfully, companies that have blazed the telework trail are willing to share their stories. We outlined some of the services that allow the Via Meadia team to coordinate our efforts remotely, but one of the co-founders of the web data-syncing firm Zapier wrote up a much more detailed how-to guide for companies interested in jumping on the telework bandwagon.

If you’re at all intrigued by the possibility of doing your job remotely, or if you’re already familiar with telework and you’d like to get better at it, you should read the whole thing. We’ve covered the what and the why of telework, but this crash course gives an in-depth look at the how.

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  • Anthony

    Informative post and in line with WigWag’s highly touted disintermediation.

  • Jim__L

    One of the nicest things about a balance of office work and teleworking is the ability to choose when you actually go into the office. I got to pick non-rush-hours, which saved me at least an hour a day.

  • Joel_Natzke

    This isn’t good news for me, as I work as a Facilities Manager for a Fortune 100 company. Already my employer has most of our employees working off-site or at home. Fortunately, I’m making plans to go back to a local community college and getting retrained in a trade. It’s always good to have an eye on emerging trends. 😉

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