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LA City Council Enters Noble Fight Against Koch Brothers


Good news: The city of Los Angeles has solved all of its urgent problems, including underfunded pensions, poor quality education, budget deficits, debt, gang violence, and drugs. Having dispensed with these important issues, the LA city council turned to the most pressing issue at hand: a resolution to condemn the Koch brothers, the libertarian billionaires who may or may not bid to buy the LA Times. The paper in question reports:

Three Los Angeles City Council members — including a candidate for mayor — asked their colleagues Tuesday to consider pulling city pension money from the investment firms that own the Los Angeles Times if they sell the publication to buyers who do not support “professional and objective journalism.” […]

“Frankly what I hear about the Koch brothers, if it’s true, it’s the end of journalism,’’ said [Councilman Bill] Rosendahl, a former broadcaster. “I don’t want to see Los Angeles, the second-largest city and the biggest region in the nation, not to have a quality newspaper.

Charged with nothing less than saving journalism from the slimy grip of evil itself, LA city councilmen fancy themselves heroic stalwarts against right-wing savagery. As evidenced by the Wall Street Journal, the Pulitzer Prize winning paper with the highest circulation in the country, when newspapers slip into the hands of conservatives, a city’s social fabric can fall apart and the country starts to implode.

Of course as long as the LA Times editorial board has been progressive enough to insulate the gentry liberal cocoon, the paper has met the city council’s standards of “professional and objective journalism,” and “empirical journalism” too. We can already picture the councilmen, Hollywood actors, and other incensed residents publicly cancelling their subscriptions in defiant protest of libertarian op-eds.

As we’ve said, a competition of ideas is better for journalism and newspaper readers than an iron liberal monopoly. Preserving the overrepresentation of gentry liberalism in the press will do nothing to improve the lives of LA citizens.

City councilmen have enough on their plate; Via Meadia suggests keeping the burning anti-Koch fury at a minimum.

[LA Times photo courtesy of Wikimedia]

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  • If the “disinvestment” mania keeps going at this rate, pretty soon public pension funds will be out of business for lack of anyplace to invest money.

  • Don’t they realize that “disinvestment” is the very definition of cronyism? After all, if you require that all investments be vetted for political reliability, you’ll end up with a pack of cronies who make darn sure they “pass”.

    An additional point is ultimately this sort of political testing is not only cronyism, but also a violation of fiduciary responsibility.

    Individual boycotts are fine, but if you’re managing Other People’s Money, don’t seek out the best business returns, and aren’t running a “socially responsible” fund whose investors gave you money specifically to invest according to various “socially responsible” tests, you’re not doing your duty for your investors. This is particularly the case for pension funds where the “investors” have no say in investments.

  • Marty Keller

    It long ago became trendy in lefty blue social model cities for mayors and city council members to pontificate on all sorts of issues not germane to city government. If their voters find this valuable, why should the rest of us care? After all, as Prof. Mead points out, they tolerate all sorts of misfeasance, incompetence, outrageous taxation, and bloviation already–and they deserve all of it. At least they stand as a warning to the less self-absorbed and self-deluded of the rest of us.

  • Chauncey Freeman

    My email to the crypto-fascist Bill Rosendahl.

    Dear Sir,

    In regard to your grotesque abuse of your office and chilling attempt to censor the Koch brothers, you are an affront to liberty and the US Constitution.

    Your quote, “Frankly what I hear about the Koch brothers, if it’s true, it’s the end of journalism,’’ is laughable. The only thing that will end if they legally and democratically buy Tribune is the END OF RED JOURNALISM.

    Your neo-McCarthyite tactics are offensive, un-American and will not stand. Your red diaper is showing sir.

    I hope that when the Koch brothers are successful one of their first exposes using real investigative journalism is to dig around into your affairs. Clearly a man of your low character has many skeletons in his closet.

    I will urge the Koch brothers to proceed and will help fund their legal battle if you continue your blacklisting of libertarians.

    Outraged at your attack on the civil-liberties of the Koch brothers and The First Amendment.


    You can’t censor an ides Bill.

    “Every expunged or censored word will eventually resound from mountaintop to mountaintop.”

    • Chauncey Freeman

      How is leftists tool Rosendahl responding to the emerging scandal of the Obama Administration spying on a formerly free press, formerly protected by the First Amendment until the Obama Regime served notice on them? Will he go on about the “end of journalism” at the hands of Chancellor Obama. A fake, phony, feckless red-diaper turd if there ever was one.

  • Chauncey Freeman

    When fascism comes to America it will be carrying an ACLU card wrapped in the rainbow flag. And it has come.

  • The problem is thinking that the Left wants “better” anything. Judging from their actiosn and history, this is completely invalid.

  • Kavanna

    All good comments — just remember that the Koch brothers are no longer libertarian. They’re now more or less standard conservative Republicans. They recently tried to take over the Cato Institute and remake it into a copy of the Heritage Foundation. We already have a Heritage Foundation — one’s enough.

  • LA’s an awful place. Perhaps news run the Koch brothers could make it less terrible. I don’t hold out much hope for LA.

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