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The Left Still Giving Corrupt Detroit Machine a Pass


The left is still in denial about the Democratic machine that ate Detroit. The NYT often laments the plight of public employees but turns a blind eye to the criminals who looted their pension funds. Now The Nation bemoans the austerity measures made by Detroit’s new “emergency manager” without a single word about corruption, the disgrace of its former mayor, or the theft of public money. The Nation’s main concern, rather, is that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and the emergency manager have no democratic legitimacy in shaking up Detroit, which the author dismisses as “part of a push to undermine union contracts and cut services.”

In truth, it’s not hard to sympathize with some of the problems the article raises. But its refusal to even allude to Detroit’s destructive Democratic political machine does a disservice to the people who have suffered the most as the city has fallen into ruin.

Unless the Left deals seriously with the issue of dysfunctional and corrupt urban machines, it isn’t dealing with the reality of why some cities are in such worse shape than others, and why state officials and non-urban governments don’t want to bail out city governments they see as deeply flawed. As parts of the engine that drives the American Left, the New York Times, The Nation, and national figures like Jesse Jackson could do the country some good by tarring and feathering these crooks.

Unfortunately, they seem to be ignoring them. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised when another blue city succumbs to Detroit’s fate.

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  • bigfire

    Forget it Jake, it’s Detroit.

  • The “left,” such as it is, depends on sometimes corrupt big city machines which today are the key to capturing Black voters in overwhelming numbers, just as in the past they delivered immigrants to the Democratic party. Without their typical 90% share of the African American vote, mostly in the cities, Democrats would be hard-pressed to win important elections anywhere — in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Missouri, and of course, nationally.

  • SamWah

    Dems/libs/progressives always seem to be blind to the errors and criminal trespasses of their own.

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