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Prominent Jew Banned from Libya He Helped Make


One of the most outspoken advocates for the Western effort to rid Libya of the Great Loon is now barred from entering the country…because he is a Jew. The Independent reports (h/t National Review):

[French celebrity philosopher Bernard-Henri] Lévy was a vocal advocate of the French and British-led military intervention which helped to topple the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. He is credited with helping to persuade Mr Sarkozy to send French warplanes to protect rebels from Gaddafi’s forces.

According to the French news website Rue89, Mr Lévy was banned from Mr Sarkozy’s visit to Libya earlier this week because the municipal authorities in Tripoli feared his Jewish background would make him a target for attacks by Islamist militia.

Remember: the Islamists making it impossible for a humanitarian advocate who happens to be Jewish to step foot on Libyan soil are not insane, rabid, foam-flecked anti-Semites suffering from a disabling mental disease and in thrall to the powers of evil.

They are thoughtful and responsible anti-Zionists concerned with the policy errors being made by the Jewish state.

Via Meadia has made it clear we think the Libya intervention was far from a masterstroke of foreign policy. It’s possible our friend and fellow TAI board member Lévy might be reconsidering his former stance given the current state of affairs. But the opposition to BHL’s proposed visit isn’t about politics. It’s deranged bigotry, pure and simple.

The Middle East can’t heal until more Middle Easterners shake off the Jew-hating incubus. Anti-semitism among other things reflects a fundamental inability to understand cause and effect relations in a complex modern political and economic system and people suffering under this disability generally get a lot of other things wrong as well. Libya will be getting somewhere when Jew haters are mocked and scorned.

[Image of Bernard-Henri Lévy courtesy of Itzik Edri.]

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  • “The Middle East can’t heal until more Middle Easterners shake off the Jew-hating incubus.”

    Which won’t happen until the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is settled in a way that seems fair and just to all.

    • So if Islamist Jew-hatred is sort of justified/understandable because of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, bigotry against blacks/Roma/Latinos etc is justified/understandable because….???

    • zee

      The Israeli-Arab conflict is the result of “the Jew-hating incubus” not the cause of it, which it why it won’t be solved in our lifetime

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