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America Brings Internet to World’s Poor

A billion overseas poor will soon get internet access, said outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, announcing a new State Department partnership with foundations and private companies. Bloomberg reports on the program:

The public-private partnership among the State Department, the World Wide Web Foundation, and tech companies including Google Inc., Microsoft Corp., Yahoo! Inc., Intel Corp., and Cisco Systems Inc….could also open new markets for Silicon Valley. […]

“We want to go in with a unified voice and say, ‘There are things we think you can do so the Internet will flourish and will cause your economy to thrive,’” says [State Department Advisor Ann Mei] Chang.

This new initiative could create a social and developmental revolution overseas, vastly expanding the ability of third world countries to enter into the global marketplace.

We’ve written before about Silicon Valley “national greatness” Democrats, and the growing partnership between their big tech agenda and government policy. This State Department partnership is yet another example of this relationship. It also shows something very powerful and telling about America.

Despite what realists sometimes wish were true, America is by its nature a revolutionary power in the world. In the 19th century, missionaries spread literacy and brought printing presses that not only churned out copies of the Bible in native languages but medical, agricultural and industrial texts as well. We’re still doing this kind of thing today, with all the new tools we have at our disposal.

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