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Chinese Students Pour in to American Private Schools

American private schools have identified a potentially lucrative solution to their budget problems: enrolling students from China. The WSJ reports:

As growing numbers of Chinese students seek a college education in the U.S., many are turning to American high schools as a steppingstone. The resulting surge in Chinese enrollment has helped private high schools, and religious academies in particular, reap much-needed revenue.

There are now 23,795 Chinese students in U.S. private high schools, up from 4,503 in 2008, according to federal figures.

If any VM readers out there want to do something practical to build world peace, this trend presents an opportunity for grassroots diplomacy. If Chinese students are attending high school in your area, get involved in activities that help them connect to the community and develop a strong base of friends. Reaching out to teenagers traveling thousands of miles from home and helping them to navigate a strange culture is the right thing to do.

If some of these students return to China with a better understanding and view of the American way of life, it will make the world a better and safer place for all. And, should any of them choose to stay and build their careers in this country, the American economy will only benefit from the influx of smart, driven, and passionate young people.


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