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The Iran-US Cyberwar Heats Up

Banks just can’t catch a break. Just days after they’ve agreed to pay out huge settlements for their pre-recession abuses, they’ve become the most recent victim of Iranian cyber attacks:

The attackers hit one American bank after the next. As in so many previous attacks, dozens of online banking sites slowed, hiccupped or ground to a halt before recovering several minutes later. [ . . . ]

The skill required to carry out attacks on this scale has convinced United States government officials and security researchers that they are the work of Iran, most likely in retaliation for economic sanctions and online attacks by the United States.

This most recent front in the Iran-U.S. cyberwar shows that policy debates over whether to go to war with Iran are already, to some degree, outdated. As we’ve said many times before on this blog, cyberwar is real war.

We are in fact in an undeclared state of war with Iran already, and there are now signs that the pace of both the virtual and the physical sides of the contest will speed up.

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