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Pakistan’s Revenge? Indian Soldier “Mutilated” and Killed

Two Indian soldiers were killed by Pakistani troops today, two days after one Pakistani was shot and killed in the first cross-border skirmish in Kashmir in years. Reuters reports on today’s incident: “The body of one of the soldiers was found ‘badly mutilated’ in a forested area of the Himalayan territory on the side controlled by India, said Rajesh K. Kalia, spokesman for the Indian army’s Northern Command.”

The news that Pakistani and Indian soldiers are engaged in what look like escalating tit-for-tat deadly attacks is very bad in itself, but making matters worse is Wali Ur Rehman, a leader of the Pakistani Taliban who in a rare video statement has threatened “to send fighters in Kashmir and wage a struggle for implementation of Sharia rule in India”, as Outlook India reports.

Rehman, wanted by the U.S. for a number of crimes including the deaths of seven CIA officers in Afghanistan in December 2009, is also an enemy of Pakistan. (The Pakistani military differentiates between “good” and “bad” Taliban. The “good” ones fight international forces in Afghanistan but do not launch attacks on Pakistani soil.)

Via Meadia is keeping a wary eye on Kashmir, which could be considered the most dangerous place in the world. Historic enemies India and Pakistan, both nuclear armed, have gone to war over Kashmir several times in the past. The news that the Pakistani Taliban may foment insurgency there is worrying indeed.

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