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Week in Review

Remember the war on terror? Remember how it was supposed to be over? Well not only is it not over, it’s expanding to new places and taking on new enemies. The latest front is Africa.

In domestic news, Apple announced plans to assemble some of its computers in the good old United States. A study commissioned by the Obama administration found that the US has nothing to lose and much to gain from exporting some of its natural gas bonanza.

Also on the domestic front, there is a blue civil war coming to a head in Rhode Island. Obamacare jumped the shark on its premier. And we discovered that roughly one-third of Americans live in states where more people receive tax dollars than pay taxes on non-government income. Also, the unions lost big in Michigan.

Egypt was in turmoil this week. On Tuesday liberal opposition leader Mohamed El Baradei warned that the country was on the brink of civil war. When protestors swarmed the palace, President Morsi fled to a safer location. Several people were killed during in several days of fighting between Morsi’s foes and supporters.

Speaking of turmoil, the war in Syria started to swing in the rebels’ favor. Damascus, especially some of the outer suburbs, is reportedly infiltrated by rebel brigades, who announced that the civilian airport is a legitimate military target. Meanwhile, Assad is preparing to use chemical weapons against his own people and Russia is considering throwing him under the bus.

Elsewhere in the Middle East, Tunisia is struggling with its own powerful Salafi movement.

Closer to home, Mexico’s new president announced an ambitious reform project. Mexico is frequently misunderstood by the mainstream media, and a hopeful narrative is often skewed by the all too real stories of drug violence and political corruption, but thankfully Via Meadia is committed to keeping our readers up to date with what looks to us to be a very promising outlook for our neighbors to the south. Stay tuned.

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