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GOP Scared Stiff by Copyright Paper

About a month ago, the Republican Study Committee published a policy paper arguing for copyright law reform, only to rescind its publication almost immediately. The paper argued that current copyright law only serves the interests of big businesses, and that changing the law could encourage innovation. Needless to say, this enraged several of those big businesses who also happen to be party backers. In response, the committee issued an apology for releasing the report, explaining that the proper channels hadn’t been consulted prior to publication.

But now we’re learning that the story didn’t end there. The Washington Examiner reports that the staffer responsible for publishing the memo on the RSC website has been fired.

This is unfortunate. We were impressed by the original paper; it seemed like a sign that the Republican Party was sticking to its guns on innovation and free markets, even as it was courting new support from young voters. Firing the staffer who wrote the policy paper is an unforced error. The GOP should be doing everything in its power to convince voters that it is the party of innovators and dreamers, not the party of big corporations and crony capitalist lobbies.

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