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Senate Approves the DoD’s Unicorn Hunt

We are kind of old fashioned at Via Meadia: we think a pig, even in green lipstick and wearing a military uniform, is still a pig. Apparently, we would be a bad fit in the Senate.

On Thursday the Senate voted to extend the DoD’s unconventional fuels initiative, an oft-criticized program aimed at developing biofuels to power the military’s hardware. The Senate’s vote will allow the DoD to build biofuel refineries with the goal of researching alternative energy sources.

The WSJ has more:

Proponents say the facilities would help to diversify the military’s fuel supply. “We must not harm programs important to our future national and economic security,” Ms. Hagan said Wednesday during debate on the amendment.

Republicans and some Democrats supported curtailing the biorefinery program when the bill was being reviewed by the Senate Armed Services Committee, arguing that the effort was wasteful.

The DoD’s plan to create a military fueled by renewables is another pig wearing green lipstick, and it will most likely remain an ambitious pipe dream for the foreseeable future. The program was developed with the goal of ending the U.S military’s reliance on foreign energy, a marginal issue now given the American energy revolution.

This pig with green lipstick is yet another wasteful Pentagon spending program that survives Senate scrutiny thanks to the Big Agriculture lobby. On Wednesday, Big Ag helped push another piece of legislation through the Senate allowing the Navy to purchase plant-based fuels even if they are more expensive than conventional fuels.

Once again, special interest groups kill any move for fiscal sanity on Capitol Hill.

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