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Kansas City Now America’s Internet Capital

Google’s new super-high speed broadband service, Google Fiber, is rolling out in select neighborhoods of Kansas City. The service will offer unprecedented speeds of 1 gigabit per second, over three times faster than the fastest speed on Verizon FIOS. BBC News explains how Google launched the project:

Google is able to make the foray into broadband installation because it has been buying up so-called dark fibre from telecoms firms in the US in order to link up its data centres which are dotted around the US.

It has also been investing in cheap fibre that has been laid by companies that have subsequently gone bankrupt before completing rollouts.

The service offers Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and is delivered via overhead cables on the poles that also bring power to homes. . . .

Since Kansas City was selected, web and digital entrepreneur have moved into the city in the hope of benefiting from the new super-fast speeds.

“There are probably people who would sell their soul to be living in a neighbourhood of Kansas City that has access to the service, as they see fibre connectivity as part of the sci-fi future,” said Mr Ferguson.

Whatever that “sci-fi future” may look like, there are plenty of businesses in the here and now that could make use of these faster speeds. Telecommuting and distance work, particularly in healthcare and education, will become much easier if businesses and employees have access to the super-fast web speeds provided by Google Fiber.

We will be keeping our eyes on Kansas City.

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