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Muslim Brotherhood Blames Mossad for Border Attack

After 16 Egyptian security officers were killed Sunday at a border checkpoint, the Muslim Brotherhood didn’t hesitate to point its finger at Israel. From the BBC:

A statement on the Muslim Brotherhood’s website said the incident “can be attributed to the Mossad”.

It said Israel had carried out the attack in an attempt to undermine the government of Egypt’s Islamist President, Mohammed Mursi.

The allegation was echoed by Hamas, the Palestinian offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood that governs Gaza.

“Israel is responsible, one way or another, for this attack to embarrass Egypt’s leadership and create new problems at the border in order to ruin efforts to end the [Israeli] siege of the Gaza Strip,” the group’s prime minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniya, was quoted saying by the Reuters news agency…

Israel quite firmly called the accusations “nonsense.”

Israel’s foreign ministry spokesman, Yigal Palmor, denied the accusation, saying: “Even the person who says this when he looks at himself in the mirror does not believe the nonsense he is uttering”.

From time to time, the Brotherhood feels the need to burnish its anti-Israel credentials. It has accused unnamed saboteurs of attempting to undercut the new Islamic government and has suggested that Egypt reconsider its truce with Israel. This latest incident provided another opportunity to claim that Israel wants to undermine Egypt’s new president, a former Brother, before he has time to settle in.

The perpetrators of the border attack remain unnamed and unaffiliated, but their deaths quickly became a rallying cry for Egypt’s anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters.

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  • Anthony

    “From time to time, the Brotherhood feels the need to burnish its anti-Israel credentials.” Not just the Brotherhood WRM….

  • Andrew Allison

    Let’s get real. The perps were killed in Israel. Would Israel have killed their own?

  • Well, if the Bros attack Israel now that they want to put-aside the peace treaty, maybe they can still blame Mosaad for the green glass heiniken supply depot into which Cairo likely would be turned? Of course, that assumes there would be any of the Bros left to complain.

  • Kris

    “Muslim Brotherhood Blames Mossad for Border Attack”

    Oh dear, the sharks are moving inland!

    “Israel is responsible, one way or another, for this attack”

    I love that “one way or another”.

    “From time to time, the Brotherhood feels the need to burnish its anti-Israel credentials.”

    You’d hardly think that would be necessary, but when Egyptian liberals and Christians decide to compete on the anti-Israel playing field (whether out of sincere belief or out of cynical self-interest), I suppose they must remind people who the real Slim Shady really is.

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