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America’s Tiger Immigrants

There’s a WRM piece in the Wall Street Journal out today about the likely impact of the latest big wave of immigrants to reach the United States. The main takeaway: immigration in this country is not what you think. Immigrants from Asia have now replaced immigrants from the Spanish speaking world as the largest source […]

Getting A Super-Cheap Mortgage

Although market conditions vary around the country, Tara Siegel Bernard has a strong piece in the New York Times that potential home buyers and mortgage refinances would do well to consult. The home mortgage market has been very confused ever since the bubble burst late in the last decade as rates have fallen to historic […]

The Caspian Powderkeg: Oil Plus Boundary Disputes Does Not Equal Joy

It wasn’t that long ago that Cold War analysts feared Soviet domination of Iran and, with it, the Persian Gulf. The Russian and Persian world had a long history of rivalry, as the Russian Empire gobbled up territories like Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and parts of Kurdish Anatolia that Persians regarded as belonging to a “Greater Iran.” […]

You May Never Win Roboshambo Again

The robots are breathing down our necks. The Ishikawa Oku Laboratory in Tokyo, experimenting with highspeed motion sensors, have programmed a robot-hand to play rock-paper-scissors, or “roshambo.” Thanks to the motion-sensors, the machine can recognize what move a human is about to make and gain the upper hand, so to speak.IEEE Spectrum has the story: […]

Calling Charlie Wilson — But He May Not Be Home

In their quest for American backing, supporters of the Syrian rebels have resorted to a tried-and-true tactic of beltway politics: lobbying. Supporters of the Free Syrian Army have established an outreach office here for a lobbying effort that is likely to feed the Obama administration’s discussions on whether to arm the group or more directly […]

Google Taking the Lead on “Reshoring” Movement?

One of Google’s newest products—the Nexus Q—has an interesting new feature. In addition to the futuristic design, the product has one, more unique, characteristic: It was manufactured in America.As the New York Times reports, Google is beginning to experiment with shifting some of its manufacturing to the US. Bucking the trend in Silicon Valley, where […]

US Reaches Out To China

With the U.S. set to join China and the rest of the ASEAN countries in Cambodia for an annual regional gathering next week, the atmosphere between Beijing and Washington is frosty, but there are efforts to get a thaw underway. According to Reuters, Kurt Campbell, assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, will head […]

Drezner Predicts Close Election, Defends Poli Sci

Barack Obama has always been popular around the world. But while the president’s support at home has ebbed considerably since the heady days of November 2008, he is still well-regarded abroad, as Dan Drezner discovered after giving a speech to a group of international institutional investors about the state of play in this year’s election.Drezner […]

Circumcision Wars in Germany and Cyberspace

Anyone skimming through the comments to my posts on the German court ruling outlawing the circumcision of (male) children, and therefore the practice of Judaism as it has been understood by Jewish parents for thousands of years as well as the practice of Islam, can see what passions this subject stirs up.But Germany is a […]

What Should We Make of Iranian Anti-Semitism?

On Wednesday the New York Times ran a fascinating piece authored by Thomas Erdbrink, dateline Tehran, under the title “Iran’s Vice President Makes Anti-Semitic Speech at Forum.” The twelve-paragraph article describes the remarks of Iranian Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi at a United Nations-sponsored conference on the illegal drug trade. For those who have not seen […]

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Game of Thrones

A preview of Canberra’s soon-to-be-released defense policy indicates that it will be spending a lot of money building up naval and air power, with an eye on China.

Brazil In Trouble

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s approval ratings continue to plummet at a rate matched only by the country’s stock market.

Higher Education Watch

Will PC overreach imperil university funding? It could when it’s as egregious as what’s been on display at the University of California.

Game of Thrones in the Sky

The Philippines, to take one poignant example, has been relying on updates from fishermen to know what’s happening in its waters. So with China on the proverbial march in Asian waters, its adversaries are increasingly investing in surveillance aircraft.

Putin's Priorities

With the economy suffering, the Russian president’s popularity hinges, largely, on his foreign military adventurism and defiant, powerful image. If that leads him to overspend on defense while he ignores fundamental market problems, as it seems to be, he’s asking for his least favorite episode in history to repeat itself.

Pension Meltdown

In Illinois, a state that is no stranger to cronyism, reform remains a Sisyphean task.

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