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North Korea Bites the Hand That Feeds It

Armed North Koreans took control of several Chinese fishing vessels on Thursday. They are holding 29 Chinese fishermen hostage and demanding a ransom payment. It is not clear if they were operating on orders from Pyongyang or are just pirates.

Whether planned or not, it’s foolish for North Korea to provoke its only friend and benefactor in the region. For whatever reason, Pyongyang has yet to publicly respond to the hijacking. Reports in China suggest that a Chinese mafia organization might be responsible, and might have been collaborating with the North Korean military.

China is seeking to downplay the incident, labeling it a “fisheries case.” Pyongyang should appreciate that China does not want this to become a high-profile international argument.

Remember, this is China’s only real friend.

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  • I can’t imagine that even the dystopian wonderland of North Korea could be so stupid as to poke their only protector and lifeline in the eye. This has to be some sort of rogue operation.

  • Government Drone

    “Remember, this is China’s only real friend.”

    They make such a lovely couple, don’t they?

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    With friends like these who needs enemys? LOL

  • Mark in Texas

    A few years ago the Chinese sent a train load of relief supplies to North Korea. After unloading the food, the North Koreans refused to return the train.

    I think the Chinese finally got their train back when they refused to deliver any more food until it was returned.

    The basic lesson to be taken from this is that the people who run North Korea are complete assholes. It should be the policy of the United States military to sink their ships and shoot down their airplanes wherever and whenever possible. It is pointless to negotiate with them. They will never comply with any agreement and every thing they say is a lie.

  • I recently bought a couple of Canon lenses and they were drop shipped from China just like Apple products. My thought is that for China Japan or South Korea, china should viewnthem a customers, good ones at that. Who are China’s natural collaborators while if not outright friends, should be dealt with on a win win basis. The relationship with North Korea is a lose win. What is China getting out of the relationship? No money, no sex, and a lot of fishy headaches.

  • Lucius

    This is event has triggered waves of anger among Chinese netizens, despite government efforts to downplay it. It should be noted that from Jiang’s era on, North Korea has not been regarded as a “real friend” by the Chinese. Au contraire, many Chinese view the Kim family with contempt. Instead, they tend to consider Pakistan as their only friend.

  • Kris

    Lucius@6: “Instead, they tend to consider Pakistan as their only friend.”

    As the internet kiddies say: “LOL”.

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