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Robosigning Scandal in UK Abortion Clinics

Following a wave of recent raids on abortion providers in the UK, the British Department of Health has reached a shocking conclusion: More than one in five may be breaking the law. The Telegraph reports that of the 250 providers investigated in this week’s raid, more than 50 were cited for falsifying consent forms and providing inadequate counseling to their patients. Many doctors didn’t even bother to learn anything about the women undergoing the procedure before proceeding—a fact none too pleasing to the UK Health Secretary:

I completely understand the law doesn’t require the doctor to have met the woman concerned, but to pre-sign certificates when you don’t even know which woman it relates to and there hasn’t been an assessment, is completely contrary to the spirit and letter of the law.

The past several months have brought numerous revelations that Britain has developed an atrocious track record on issues of abortion and child care. First were the reports that British abortion providers were defying the law by allowing the sex-selective abortions of female fetuses; then a group of Oxford “ethicists” published a paper in support of infanticide under the guise of “after-birth abortions.”

Britain is already looking like a bad place for the old, with rampant abuse and neglect of the elderly in the government’s healthcare system. These days, it’s looking more and more like a bad place to be young as well.

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  • elisa

    Nevertheless, the average Brit is heavily psychologically invested in the system, and believes it is places like the U.S. that are cruel, cold and inhumane.

  • Greg in Denver

    Hi, I am from the Government and I am here to help, err… manslaughter.

    Pray for Justice Kennedy.

  • Andrew Allison

    Methinks the good professor doth protest too much! From “up to half the patients in nursing homes” to “rampant abuse and neglect of the elderly in the government’s healthcare system.” in a day??
    People in glass houses and all that (look at the outcomes).

  • jbay

    “Hi, I am from the Government and I am here to help, err… manslaughter.” ~ LOL

    ???After birth abortion??? So does that involve lethal injection, strangulation or just clubbing babies over the head…? …After as in a child has been born already and is now a living human??? WOW!

  • jbay

    “This be Carthage where sacrificing of infants to the gods is custom!” ~ (Ancient Carthaginian)

    “Well I appreciate custom and we have a custom from hence I hail. You see we hang people whose custom is to sacrifice babies at alters. You carry on w. your custom and we’ll with ours.” ~ (Americanized vs of a British admiral to sacrificing widows on the funeral pyre.)

  • Corlyss

    The Brits are too busy fighting global warming to pay much attention to the real needs of real people. Gaia is in distress.

  • Kris

    Without wishing to express too much of an opinion on abortion, is it truly surprising that many of those willing to provide elective abortions might not be so concerned about mere technicalities?

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