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If Guilty Hang ‘Em High

While the Oxford ethicists who justified infanticide have made the most shocking news Via Meadia has seen in quite a while, it’s not for lack of competition. In another shocking story from Dallas, it appears that a local doctor has been perpetrating the largest case of Medicare fraud by a single doctor in the long history of the program. In cahoots with number of home health agencies, he has spent years “recruiting” medicare beneficiaries to receive payments for medical procedures that were either medically unnecessary or not done at all—to the tune of $375 million. He now faces up to 100 years in prison.

Even by Washington, DC standards, $375 million is real money. Like anybody else accused of a crime, this man deserves a fair trial. One can never rule out the possibility that the government is hyping the case as it tries to position itself as tough on medical fraud. But if the doctor and his compatriots are guilty as charged, it’s hard to think of a sentence that would be too tough.

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  • Jeff77450

    Clearly what is needed is for the federal government to have an even larger role in providing healthcare. >>>sarcasm<<<

  • Charles R. Williams

    This is the tip of the iceberg. Fraud is rampant in the 50% of American medicine controlled by the government.

    The design of our single-payer Medicare system for the elderly is the driving force behind the high cost of medical care in this country.

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