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Are The Clingers Less Bitter Than Thought?

It’s always fun when new statistical research confirms something Via Meadia already believes. We’ve written earlier about the wave of poor and ignorant atheists pollsters say is sweeping America. Now come the latest Gallup findings on wellbeing, which report that religious Americans are happy Americans:

Very religious Americans of all major faiths have higher overall wellbeing than do their respective counterparts who are moderately religious or nonreligious. This relationship, based on an analysis of more than 676,000 interviews as part of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, is statistically significant after controlling for major demographic and regional variables.

See the numbers here. In sum, according to Gallup’s research, the more religious you are, the healthier, happier and otherwise blessed you will be. (Except for Jews, who pollsters say are just blessed, period, regardless of how observant they are or aren’t.)

A dark suspicion rises in Via Meadia‘s group mind: Is it possible that all those people out in the boonies are clinging merrily to their guns and their Bibles?

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  • Toni

    Well…except that Charles Murray shows in Coming Apart that working-class whites are LESS likely to be religious than wealthy whites. Whatever the poorer whites cling to bitterly, religion doesn’t rank high.

    Prof. Mead, I hope we’ll see someday your reflections on Murray’s work.

  • On the other hand Gallup found that 56 percent of Americans are “very dissatisfied” with the way things are going in the country, an all-time record.

  • John

    Working-class whites are less likely to be religious than wealthy whites,is this true? Or are we only assuming that Charles Murray is correct in his assessment and accepting it as truth? Having spent a big part of my life traveling in rural America I have my doubts about this statement. I suggest others get out more and find out for themselves.

  • Maybe if God made more of an effort to bestow his blessings on the poor rather than the rich, the poor would have more reason to both be happy and worship Him?

    Religion is obviously central to much of society in the USA. It’s even more central in much of the middle east. Hmmm, maybe it isn’t religion itself that’s making some americans happy and prosperous. Maybe it’s something else.

  • Toni

    Related food for thought, “Religion for Everyone”:

  • RSC

    My impression of religion in rural America (formed in the 70’s in western PA and MD and WV): people who have something on the ball and want to do something with their lives join a church. Trailer trash worship the same gods as the secular elites: pleasure and power.

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