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India’s Gendercide Doesn’t Stop At Birth

Yesterday we noted demographer Nicholas Eberstadt’s horrifying research into the fate of unborn girls around the world; India was one of the countries where women bearing unborn female children are either persuaded or forced to abort.From the Times of India comes word that the girls who make it out of the womb aren’t out of […]

What is Governance?

I’m beginning a new project at Stanford/CDDRL called “The Governance Project.” The intention is to focus on conceptualizing and measuring governance, and applying those measures to two specific countries, China and the United States.The beginning point of the project is definition of governance that excludes the degree to which governments are either democratic or subject […]

Obama Meets Saakashvili; Words, Words Words

President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili is in Washington this week for a meeting with President Obama, a meeting that is all talk and smiles but no substance.Russia, Georgia’s main rival, joined the WTO recently. Georgian opposition was the “last stumbling block” in that process, and the White House likely promised Saakashvili a meeting with Obama […]

American Segregation at Historic Low

Over the past six months, Via Meadia has found itself in the unfortunate position of having to report on bad news from all over the world. So it’s a refreshing change of pace when we come across some news that is unequivocally good, as we have today. An article in the Wall Street Journal reports […]

Swanky California College Caught Redhanded in Big Lie

Tongues are wagging at at least one head is rolling at Claremont McKenna College, a small liberal arts school in Southern California, following news that a member of the admissions department had repeatedly lied about incoming students’ SAT scores to boost the school’s ranking in the (in)famous U.S. News & World Report survey.  Further investigation […]

Of French Cuffs and E-Commerce

Bespoke shirts used to be exclusive. Describing the nightclubs of Paris, Evelyn Waugh defined the gold standard of style: “shady young men in Charvet shirts sit round the bar repairing with powder-puff and lipstick the ravages of grenadine and crème de cacao.” The House of Charvet has clothed the likes of Charles Haughey, Bernard-Henri Lévy, […]

Moon Colony To Be Occupied By Lego-Men

Newt Gingrich’s moon colony may be crowded by trespassers soon after it is settled. Two Canadian teens(!), investing about $400 and under five months of work, recently launched a small Lego man 25 km (15.5 mi) above the earth, reaching the stratosphere. A hundred years ago, spaceflight was science fiction. Fifty-five years ago, the Soviet […]

India To US: Not Too Close!

India has announced two important decisions that underline an important theme in the emerging Asian order: even as India aligns its strategic approach with the US, it asserts its independence at every turn.The most recent signs: India’s decision not to cut oil imports from Iran, and its award of a multi-billion dollar jet fighter award […]

New World Trade Center Skyscraper: Worth It?

One World Trade Center, North America’s tallest building currently under construction at Ground Zero, is going to be by far the most expensive skyscraper ever built. The Port Authority now estimates the total cost of the building to be $3.8 billion, versus $220 million for the two towers the first time around. Even taking inflation […]

Hamas Rising

Hamas is on the move–and in more ways than one. Having uprooted its longtime Damascus headquarters for safer shores, the group’s leader just paid a landmark visit to Jordan’s King Abdullah, as the Financial Times reports (subscription required): The long-awaited meeting between Khaled Meshal and King Abdullah marked the first official visit to Amman by […]

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Pricing Carbon

The state’s carbon market is floundering, but that didn’t stop the legislature from moving to extend it.

Universalism vs. Pragmatism

Hungary’s PM stance on migrants has long given Brussels the vapors. His doubling down points to real trouble ahead for the EU.

Petrostates in Peril

The collapse in crude prices cut OPEC’s oil export revenues nearly 50 percent in 2015.

Checkbook Diplomacy

The Land of the Rising Sun may be stagnating, but it still has plenty of economic clout in its region.

The Sanctions Dance

Putin’s threat of violence is triggering an appeasement reflex across European capitals: Slovakia’s Fico says EU sanctions on Russia should be lifted.

Stifling Innovation

Squeezing search engines to subsidize news companies will make no one better off.

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