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Good For Me, Good For Thee

Embattled French President Nicolas Sarkozy (getting hammered in the polls and facing likely defeat by his moderate French leftie challenger François Hollande) is boosting his frail re-election hopes in a classically Gallic way: by taking a swipe at the Brits.

Railing at Britain muscling its way in to what France hoped would be a eurozone only meeting at the latest inconclusive conclave over Europe’s ailing currency, Sarkozy snapped, according to the BBC.

He said he was sick of reading in newspapers about advice Mr Cameron and his Chancellor George Osborne were offering the eurozone.At one point in the exchanges, Mr Sarkozy was quoted as telling Mr Cameron: “We are sick of you criticising us and telling us what to do.

“You say you hate the euro and now you want to interfere in our meetings.”

This is unlikely to make British PM David Cameron particularly unhappy.  He’s got a touch vote coming up in Parliament over a petition for the UK to hold a referendum on leaving the EU.  Getting attacked by Sarkozy underlines Cameron’s diplomatic victory at getting into the summit and strengthens his anti-Continental, anti-euro credentials at a convenient time.  And in any case, history contains no record of a British political party losing an election because it was perceived as insufficiently pro-French.

If Sarkozy is very lucky and very good, he can expect an attack from David Cameron soon, complaining that France is acting like a bully in Europe and throwing its weight around.  Sarkozy could respond that Cameron is an anti-European intriguer to the tips of his fingers, only staying in the EU to plot its destruction from within.  Cameron could retort that Sarkozy is the world’s most dangerous and determined enemy of liberal Angl0-Saxon capitalism.  By the time they are done, both leaders should be up twenty points in the polls.

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  • AllanGreen

    I guess your handle on French politics is inverse to your grasp of Anglo politics. Holland is expired before he hits the shelves. Sarkozy is guranteed a second term.

    The killing of Qaddafi reminds me of your famous “our Cosa Nostra”.

    Could you give us some detail about those outstanding Qatari special forces? Do they consist of former Erinis employees?

  • Walter Sobchak

    “Sarkozy could respond that Cameron is an anti-European intriguer to the tips of his fingers, only staying in the EU to plot its destruction from within.”

    Or he could steal some lines from a Frenchman in a movie:

    Taunting French Guard:

    How you English say: I one more time, mac, I unclog my nose towards you sons of a window-dresser, so, you think you could out-clever us French fellows with your silly knees-bent creeping about advancing behaviour.

    (blows a raspberry)

    I wave my private parts at your aunties, you brightly-coloured, mealy-templed, cranberry-smelling, electric donkey-bottom biters.

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