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Adam Garfinkle
The Middle East & Beyond
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On With the War

Bashar al-Assad and company are actually trying to win the war. This is a somehow still a surprise in certain quarters.

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How to Misunderstand What Didn’t Happen

The Russians didn’t “intervene” is Syria so much as “surge” there. The surge is ending, with most of the Kremlin’s immediate goals accomplished. But Russia is still in Syria.

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The Stupidity of Saudi Bashing

It’s a little like a drug high, with a purposeless sense of exhilaration quickly giving way to a serious headache. If you’re tempted, seek counseling.

Election 2016
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On the Trumpenproletariat

Trump is for real, like it or not, because the people who are attracted to him have real problems, and for the most part they are problems not of their own making.

The Obama Doctrine
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Points of Convergence

We still may not know everything, but thanks to Jeffrey Goldberg, we know a whole lot more than we did a few days ago about how the President thinks.

Middle East Aflame
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Meanwhile, in Syria…

What’s been happening in Syria since the “cessation of hostilities” began to take effect about ten days ago? Both less and more than meets the eye of the casual observer.

The Middle East Unravels
The P-Word

In the Middle East, if you pull on the partition string, there is really no telling where it ends.

Follyanna? - Coda #2
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Ceasefire or Bait-and-Switch?

Just what are Russians playing at with the most recent peace push in Syria?

Follyanna? A Coda

The deal negotiated by Secretary Kerry is a rotten one. And he now has no choice but to pursue it, on terms he cannot control.

Syrian Civil War

Has the President been a much savvier operator in Syria than he’s been given credit for, or is he a strategically incoherent improviser of last resort? Perhaps a bit of both.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
2016 And Beyond

There is little evidence that Trumpism, as a political ideology and mode of presentation, has caught on in the hundreds of GOP primary races for lower offices.

EU and What Army?

Meanwhile, Germany releases white paper calling for the accelerated formation of a pan-EU army.

Crude Economics

Near-record OPEC production in April put a quick end to oil’s price rally.

Unlikely Bedfellows

An unusual de facto coalition tries to staunch terror group’s advances.

Keeping Up With the Purges

Xi is shaking up China’s political institutions all the way down to the basic building blocks of Party rule.

Good Green News

Researchers are looking at ways to recycle carbon—potentially as a new fuel—to make its capture more profitable.

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