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Adam Garfinkle
The Middle East & Beyond
Iran and the Deal
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Madness and Skill

Many people assume Iran’s Supreme Leader does not know what he is doing. It’s a mistake to do so.

The War on Spam
Blocking the Robocallers

How to stop “Bridget with card holder services” from ruining your day.

The Iran Deal
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The Real Debate

The Iran deal is seriously compromised in several places, and deserves a “no” vote. But anyone who believes the deal deserves the thumbs down in Congress is obligated to specify an alternative policy.

Middle East Mess
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The Real Deal

Torrents of commentary are coming our way on the Iran deal. Take care of whom you trust.

Iran and the Bomb
The Waiting Game

Another “deadline” in the Iranian nuclear negotiations has come and gone. Why the delays? What are the Mullahs thinking? For that matter, what is the President thinking?

The Real Drug War
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A Conversation with Mindy Miralia

The Hero in Heroin: A Mother and Son’s Journey on Both Sides of the Veilby Mindy MiraliaBalboa Press, 286 pp., $35.95 TAI: With me now is Mindy Miralia, author of a new book called The Hero in Heroin: A Mother and Son’s Journey on Both Sides of the Veil. Thanks for talking with us at […]

Armed and Dangerous
Cops and the Fourth Amendment

President Obama’s announcement today that local police forces in the United States will no longer be able to access certain kinds of military surplus equipment is the best news we’ve heard from the White House in a long time.

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Syrian Lies, and an Iranian Surmise

What does the revelation about Syria cheating on its chemical weapons commitments tell us about the Iran negotiations? Plenty—and it isn’t pretty.

The Middle East and Beyond
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The Baltimore Spring

Tugging on the common threads of Baltimore 2015 and Cairo 2011.

Iran and the Bomb

As bad as the nuclear negotiations seem, things are actually turning out well—or at least as well as could have been expected in a genuinely terrible and terrifying situation.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Election Season

Canada’s ruling Conservative party is trying to retain power over its rising opposition by enacting the country’s longest election cycle since Queen Victoria.

The European Migration Crisis

Thousands of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean, as even more try to rush from France to the UK.

Power Politics

The White House is unveiling an updated version of a plan to green our nation’s power plants, and coal stands to be the biggest loser.

Warning Light: Check Engine

In a system like China’s, in which official government statistics are systemically distorted and unreliable, car sales serve as a good proxy of consumer sentiment and economic activity. And car sales appear to be down.

Failed Project

Polls in Ukraine show very low support for the country’s leaders. But more troubling than that, the guys with the guns are getting unhappy.

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