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Adam Garfinkle
The Middle East & Beyond
Putin's Russia
What? Me Worry?

Is the Russian regime under Vladimir Putin becoming a “crazy state”?

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Prisoner’s Dilemma

What just happened?

The West and Islamism
Testing the “War of Ideas”

Why adjuring Western society to revive liberalism as part of the “war of ideas” may be a futile endeavor.

The West and Islamism
Testing the “War of Ideas”

Why the “war of ideas” notion, as commonly understood and promulgated, won’t get us anywhere when it comes to the struggle against Islamism.

Word Magic
Dots Wanting Connection: A Press Review

The President and his Administration have shown a marked preference for words in lieu of deeds, and the mainstream press has rarely called them out on this.

ISIS and the West
Wikimedia Commons

Why we shouldn’t dismiss the idea of negotiating with ISIS out of hand, and why the “war of ideas” between the West and Islam is a fool’s notion.

Fear and Loathing
A War We Deserve?

The anxiety that so many Americans feel about domestic affairs today is the source of their fear of the Islamic State—not the other way around.

Parsing Politics
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A Conversation with Jon Huntsman

Adam Garfinkle sat down with Jon Huntsman in the office of the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC, on October 19.

Global War on Terror
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President Obama’s Rights and Wrongs

The President may be right about certain key points on the terrorism portfolio, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t also managed to screw up the regional policy in which that portfolio is nested.

Back to Basics
Back to Basics

We should take a moment to compose ourselves before crafting a response to ISIS’s outrages, lest we make things worse. (And yes, things can get worse.)

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Crime and Punishment

Sec. Clinton is taking a beating from the civil rights left over her strong support for the 1994 crime bill. But it probably had relatively little impact on America’s prison population.

The Great Fall of China

There’s mounting evidence that the Chinese government is in some sort of panic about the loyalty of its citizens.

Clean Power Plan

The Obama administrations keystone climate change regulation was put on hold by the Supreme Court this week.

The Afterparty Continues

Libya may now host twice as many ISIS fighters as previously thought. Back for round 2?

Crude Economics

Thanks to today’s bearish oil market, many Midwestern drivers could soon be paying less than $1 per gallon of gas.

Asia's Game of Thrones

As U.S. tilts to India, Pakistan tilts to China and Russia.

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