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EU Talks Tough in Green Trade War

The EU is standing its ground in response to India’s and China’s defiance of Europe’s costly carbon-trading scheme for airlines, refusing to back down despite threats of a trade war. EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard told the Financial Times:

“You can’t threaten a trade war just because you don’t like European legislation.” […]

“If there is some European legislation you do not like, can you then threaten us?” she asked. “I think most industrialists in Europe understand we can’t have that game in the 21st century.”

Hedegaard went on to note that Europe’s law is set to expire if a global treaty takes its place, so anyone who takes offense with the EU plan should just work with Europe in the UN to create a global carbon-trading scheme.

If Europe is waiting for a global carbon treaty to end this spat, this could be a long war indeed. Past attempts at comprehensive global climate treaties have ended in disaster, and China and India’s recent actions show no signs that they have changed their minds on this subject.

Europe doesn’t need a trade war right now, but greens appear determined to drive it into one.

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  • Kenny

    Another pompous, deluded European bureaucrat fool who can’t see reality.

  • Kris

    “I think most industrialists in Europe understand we can’t have that game in the 21st century.”

    You might not be interested in that game, but…

    But go for it, stand your ground! Are you mice or men? Fight for your principles!

  • Jim.

    “Can’t have that game in the 21st century”

    Merciful heaven, where do they find these people? And why do they give them any power?

  • Maybe europe doesn’t need trade?

    After all, they’ve already decided they don’t need kids.

    In the next generation, with whom, exactly, will anyone be trading in that landmass?

  • Lyle Smith

    This harks back to the German Green Party winning the shutting down of nuclear plants in Germany, only to have Germany have to import more fossil fuels from Russia and elsewhere to supply its energy needs.

    Total ignorance.

  • Greg Q

    So, is Boeing subsidizing these people? Because while I’d love to see the carbon credits dumped, seeing Airbus brutalized and Boeing getting a lot more business is a nice consolation prize.

  • Corlyss

    Go India! Go China! Stick it to those EU idiots. Maybe it will help them come to their senses.

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