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Week in Review

This week, we looked for the key to what comes after the Blue social model: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. As a society, we’re likely to return to our roots as entrepreneurs in the future, in contrast to the employee role Americans have settled into since the decline of the family-owned farm.

On the home front, the Dodd-Frank bill, this administration’s signature legislation after Obamacare, came under justifiably harsh scrutiny from The Economist this week. We noted with dismay that the powers that be were looking to raise the minimum wage in New York, stifling job-creation at the most inopportune time. We compared the bankruptcies in municipalities such as Jefferson County, Alabama to the European periphery. And we wondered whether the first signs of inflation were at hand. The background to all this domestic turmoil was a social fabric so tattered that the New York Times appeared to be essentially agreeing with Charles Murray on the merits of his latest book.

In Europe, we saw how Germany’s own overbearing regulatory tangle were starting to strangle it despite its buoyant export sector, shook our heads as Greece and Spain went further down the drain, and noted with cautious optimism that austerity began to show positive returns for the Brits.

We thought through a future where we were all connected, eating meat from test tubes, and were getting our energy from offshore wind turbines. We puzzled over the Obama administration’s tortured environmentalist logic in its implicit favoring of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico over getting oil from Canada through the Keystone XL pipeline. Maybe it’s all part of a different plan… Finally, we took a quick look at what the Heartland Institute “scandal” tells us about the green movement’s state of mind.

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