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Week in Review

Via Meadia‘s updates to the “Ten Trends to Watch” continued this week with trends six through ten: Hot Religion, The Age of the ApocolypseUneven Development and the “African Time Bomb,” The European Crack-up, and Hope and Change. We also published the first Turkish Press Roundup, courtesy of Via Meadia‘s secret spy in Istanbul.

The EU announced its intention to embargo Iranian oil, starting in six months. Tehran though, would rather the embargo start immediately. Turkey and France continued a spat over France’s Armenian genocide-denial law. The Arab League called for Assad to step down, while Russia announced its intention to veto any intervention in Syria at the Security Council. Thank God for that Libyan campaign.

In Asia, the Great Game is moving to the ocean. Meanwhile, the US might move ships to the Philippines.

A great new green strategy is gathering steam, but receiving very little attention from the greens themselves: lab-grown meat. Winston Churchill, for one, knew fake meat would be a big deal.

Nigeria’s troubles haven’t stopped. Cuba is hunting for offshore oil. Hamas and Syria are breaking up. But fighting is moving to Damascus. And Japan and Russia are deepening ties.

Will Spain keep Scotland in the UK? Will the Germans put up the necessary funds to save Europe? Is the US declining, or are the declinists declining in number? Do skyscrapers herald economic collapse? Is Spike Lee the new Bill Cosby? Is Turkey an Islamist nightmare or a misunderstood friend?

Pension troubles have hit Connecticut hard. Larry Summers has some interesting thoughts on the future of higher education.

Last but not least, Walter’s cover story for TAI is out: The Once and Future Liberalism. Look out later today for the first in the Beyond Blue series.

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