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Week In Review

The world was busy this week, and here at Via Meadia we are doing our best to keep up. Here are some highlights:

An essay on 21st century Hamiltonianism, The Age of Hamilton looked at how different traditions in American politics can work together to transform our social model. The synthesis of Hamiltonianism and social democracy in force in Washington is no longer adequate for our country: the wealthy and the powerful have forged a destructive relationship with the state that cannot endure. A revival of Jeffersonian and individualist opposition to elites and the federal government is rising across the country.

Via Meadia also took a look under the surface of Newt Gingrich’s unfortunate remark that Palestinians “are an invented people” in Newt in the News. Not only was Gingrich wrong about the Palestinians but he was also wrong about the Jews.  Hint to all: if a people says it’s a people, it’s a people whether that sense of national identity was forged in time immemorial or in living memory.

Shorter posts this week focused on a wide variety of topics: From shale gas in China (there’s lots) to higher education (master’s degrees are often not worth the time and money, and we described a seven step program to ruin your life in college). We wrote about Butcher Assad and his only remaining friends; we discussed the election and protests in Russia and the ill-advised election in the Congo; we noted with some dismay the decision in India to cancel planned reform of the retail sector that would have permitted international investment; and we looked with trepidation on rumors of conflict over the Falkland Islands.

There was more. It turns out that 60 percent of China’s sovereign investment portfolio is in American assets. On the flip side, investors are starting to fear a China crash in growing numbers. In India, Facebook is a thorn in the side of some ministers who dislike being insulted. Down in Brazil, growth is slowing and protectionism stirring.

And as ever, European leaders struggle to find a solution to their many problems.

Via Meadia’s thoughts are beginning to turn to the Christmas season; in the darkest season of the year, the light appears.

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