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Week In Review

[Note to readers: Via Meadia is going to experiment with a “Week In Review” on Sundays. We’ll highlight the most popular posts, give updates from the Team, and comment on the biggest developments in global politics from the past week.]

Last Sunday we published Occupy Blue Wall Street, which analyzed the breakup of the blue coalition between its most important parts. This essay was one of the most popular ever on Via Meadia; expect a follow up post soon.

Another essay went up on Monday: The Scariest Thing In The World, which some believe to global economic turmoil, others argue it’s the rise of China, and still others would say it’s Iran’s belligerence — but we here at Via Meadia see the spread of “identity wars” (the kind of conflict that ravaged Europe in the past two centuries as nationalism drove a violent culture clash) to Asia and Africa as the world’s biggest worry.

Notable short posts include an analysis of the ongoing political crisis in Italy and the coming one in France; a review of the shocking Conference Board study of China’s economy that predicts slowing growth followed by social upheaval; an update to our running commentary on the war against the young; and a discussion of China and Brazil’s entrance into the big leagues of international development, evidence of what some will soon denounce as a sophisticated — and successful — American plot to outsource imperialism.  By week’s end we were assessing Assad’s strategy in Syria and reviewing the state of Middle East peacemaking with the White House departure of top negotiator Dennis Ross.

Last but certainly not least Team Mead welcomes its newest member: Adam Scholl, currently one of Professor Mead’s students at Bard and a promising new contributor on the blog. His first post went up this week: (Bill) Clinton’s Return. Welcome Adam.

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