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Democracy: The Will of the People?

Recent demonstrations around the globe are taking aim at a new target: democracy. From Israel to India to Spain to Wall Street, protests rooted in economic issues carry underlying anti-democratic elements as well. From the New York Times: Their complaints range from corruption to lack of affordable housing and joblessness, common grievances the world over. […]

China Property Bubble Deflates

The Financial Times today appears extremely concerned today about the state of the Chinese housing market, running two stories with sobering news about the industry’s prospects. Many are beginning to see warning signs that a crash in China’s “housing bubble” may be imminent — housing prices now appear to be falling after years of dramatic […]

Another Stimulus Fail: Small Business Lending Fiasco

The Small Business Lending Fund, a federal program aimed at helping small American businesses and banks, has fallen to bits. Tuesday was the last day on which banks could receive the low cost capital for lending on to small business; poor design and a cumbersome process meant that $26 billion of $30 billion earmarked to […]

Dear Future Lawyers

As thousands of soon-to-be law students prepare for the LSATs tomorrow, here’s something they should consider: a list of the top 8 bad reasons for going to law school. Here’s one of the finest: (7) I want to help poor people/save mountaintops from being blown up in West Virginia/stop human right violations in Africa/make a […]

Pakistan To China: Our Relationship Is "Stronger Than Steel And Sweeter Than Honey"

Pakistan likes having powerful friends; after the embarrassing May attack that killed OBL, Islamabad began looking to China to take over “sugar-daddy” status from the US. China’s response has been lukewarm, and it took another turn for the worse yesterday. As the WSJ reports: An official at China Kingho Group, one of China’s largest private coal miners, […]

Booming For-Profit Education In Brazil

Brazil might have a model for private sector education which the United States can emulate.  For years, Brazil has struggled to populate its world-class university and college system with students capable of meeting tough academic standards.  Now, private companies are succeeding where public schools have failed.  The FT reports: Investors in Brazil frequently complain about […]

Is 2011 The Second Coming of 1931?

1931 was the year that put the Great in the Great Depression.  A banking crash in Europe knocked a fragile recovery off course and after the US Congress turned to protectionist trade policy with the passage of the Hawley-Smoot tariff in 1930, a global trade war wrecked everyone’s exports and the bad economic times turned […]

Persecution in Persia

Here at Via Meadia, we have been keeping an eye on instances of religious persecution throughout the world. We wrote earlier about the plight of Yusef Nadarkhani, a Christian pastor in Iran who was given the choice to either convert to Islam or be sentenced to death. Nadarkhani has remained steadfast in his Christian beliefs […]

Great Game: Japan & Philippines Hold Hands And Glare At China

Eyeing China warily, Tokyo and Manila have agreed to forge new defense agreements. A joint statement by the two countries’ presidents emphasized maritime security, a strategic partnership, and military collaboration. The WSJ reports: Although the agreement does not directly mention China, it is a major symbolic step toward a multilateral consensus in Asia on dealing […]

Hope Deferred Maketh The Heart Sick

According to the WSJ, investors hurtled en masse into stocks yesterday on reports of a potential expansion of the European bailout fund and a plan for aggressive bank recapitalization. Then came the predictable backlash. From the WSJ: Major European markets saw their biggest one-day gains in more than a year as traders and investors zeroed […]

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Higher Education Watch

Militant anti-Israel ideology is a hallmark of the illiberal Left—and has been taking college campuses by storm in recent years.

WRM Elsewhere

Read our own Walter Russell Mead in Mosaic, where he argues that neither “nationalist particularism” nor “cosmopolitan universalism” is “the answer to the human condition.”

Frack Baby Frack

Natural gas is booming in the Appalachian basin.

Jihadism in Africa

Here’s the thing about terrorists in Mali: we’ll hear nothing about them and nothing about them and then suddenly everything will be about them.

Crude Economics

As the House of Saud cuts spending, the country’s middle class is hurting.

India Ascendant?

In the face of new and expected threats from China and Pakistan, India needs improved capabilities.

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